OLA-WLA 2019 Conference – Preconferences

Preconference Workshops were held Wednesday, April 17.If provided by presenters, slides and other materials are linked in the title of each session. 8:30 am–12:30 pm (4 hour) No Assembly Required Early Learning Programs (Notes)Learn to quickly create exceptional, early literacy rich programs for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers that will engage caregivers and children, encourage development and…Read more OLA-WLA 2019 Conference – Preconferences

OLA Conference 2018

April 18 – 21, 2018 Eugene, Oregon – Eugene Hilton Preconferences The Now and Future MarcEdit: A Day-long Workshop with Terry Reese Big Ideas, Small Budgets How to Document Oregon’s Thousand Points of Life: Techniques and Technologies to Engage Your Community Using an Oral History Project Metacognition & Reading Strategies to Bridge Students Toward Inquiry…Read more OLA Conference 2018

OLA Conference 2017

2 Minute Reviews 7 Tips for Designing Top Tech Training Tutorials A Brief Introduction to BIBFRAME 2.0 A Year in the Life: Student Use of Academic Support Across Multiple Departments ABCs of DNA Aloha: Bringing a New Library into a Consortium Better Meetings BIBFRAME: New Vocabulary, New Experiments Camp Read and Big Kids’ Story Club:…Read more OLA Conference 2017

OLA Conference 2016

2-Minute Reviews 15 Minute Histories A Picture is Worth 1000 Likes Active Programming for Teens Autoethnography: Our Stories, Our Research Build a Better Website through Usability Testing Chasing Your Own Tale: A Librarian’s Introduction to Genealogy and Genealogical Sources Civility Campaign Poster Session Community Events Outreach Crowdfunding your Story Curiosity in your Library  Detangling Dyslexia …Read more OLA Conference 2016

OLA Conference 2015

  Against Conventional Wisdom: Lessons From Quiet and Mastering the Art of Quitting Art at the Siuslaw Public Library Best Practices for Music Cataloging Using RDA BIBFRAME Basics Cannabis Resources for Librarians Serving Medical Patients and Others Connect and Create:  Using Social Media to Market Your Small or Rural Library Creative Cataloging Survival Skills Creative…Read more OLA Conference 2015

OLA/WLA Conference 2008

Traditional & Untraditional Partners in the New Millennium: Report on MCL’s 2008 Library Head Start Day This report was distributed at the conference and describes the activities at Multnomah County Library’s 2008 Library Head Start Day, an example of a thriving partnership. http://www.childcare.org/ffn-care/CCR-play-learn.htm Play & Learn Fact Sheet Traditional and Untraditional Partnerships in the New…Read more OLA/WLA Conference 2008

OLA Conference 2009

Storytime Puppetry for 1’s and 2’s handout Handout for “Storytime Puppetry for 1’s and 2’s,” presented at the OLA Conference in Salem, OR Story Time Puppetry for Ones and Twos handout OLA 2009 New Student Library Orientation: Comparing Programs Within Oregon, Washington & Beyond orientation_2009 Maximizing the Value of Your OCLC Cataloging Subscription Handout and slides…Read more OLA Conference 2009

OLA Conference 2011

Managing Vendor Relationships Pre-conference OLA_LALC_OSUtheme (1) Margaret Mellinger OLA_Presentation Carl Grant rapid_csu Rice Majors RapidILLOLAPresentation Margaret Bean The Fountain and the Mountain Steve Shadle Stable Libraries, Stable Jobs As presented at SSD in July, the state librarian & several directors/managers from around our state engaged in an exciting discussion of approaches to public and academic library funding. How stable is…Read more OLA Conference 2011

OLA Conference 2012

2-minute Reviews of Oregon Authors 360 Degrees of Censorship 360 Degrees of Censorship: From Banned Books to Internet Filters and Beyond Book Clubs for Kids Boomers: At the Heart of Your Library Building a Heritage Network Creative Outreach on a Shoestring Craftastic Resources Cold Calling for Shy Librarians Describing the Future: RDA, Metadata, and Linked…Read more OLA Conference 2012

OLA Conference 2014

 2 Minute Reviews A Social Worker in the Library? A Walk in the Park: Nature-Based Library Programs Academic Libraries and Student Affairs: Developing New Partnerships to Support Student Learning Beyond the Book Storytimes  Brushing Up on Social Services Information for Patrons Collective Insight: Big Data for Libraries Conference Showcase Digital Collections Plan for Oregon Dominate…Read more OLA Conference 2014

OLA-WLA 2019 Joint Conference Sessions

  If provided by presenters, slides and other materials are linked in the title of each session. Sessions at a Glance To jump to a specific day or time, click the links below.   Thursday10:00–11:15 am1:45–3:00 pm3:30–4:45 pm   Friday10:00–11:15 am1:45–3:00 pm3:30–4:45 pm   Saturday10:00–11:15 am1:45–3:00 pm3:30–4:45 pm Thursday, April 18 10:00–11:15 am A Universe…Read more OLA-WLA 2019 Joint Conference Sessions

Your Future is NOW: Making a Difference in OLA and WLA

Do you want to become a leader and make a difference? Learn practical steps on how to get involved your state’s Library Association. Join this panel of past and present OLA and WLA leaders as they define and describe what they really do. Official responsibilities, unstated expectations, support provided, and actual time commitments will be acknowledged. The…Read more Your Future is NOW: Making a Difference in OLA and WLA

2-Minute Reviews, 2018

Carissa Barrett, Chris Myers, and Bill Baars, Lake Oswego Public Library. General Fiction Title List_2018 OLA Conference_Barrett NonFiction Title List_2018 OLA Conference_Baars Genre Fiction Title List_2018 OLA Conference_Myers