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Continuing education events for librarians and library staff include conferences, meetings, web-based events, lectures and seminars.

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02/23/12 New Data Rules: Census 2010 and American Community Survey Online/web-based
02/23/12 Successful Volunteer Recruitment Strategies: Capturing the Talent of Baby Boomers and the Generations that Follow Online/web-based
02/23/12 Creating a Latino Friendly Library: Session 1 Online/web-based
02/27/12 The Legislative Process and You: How it Works and How to Make a Difference Online/web-based
02/28/12 Big Talk From Small Libraries Conference, Online/web-based
02/28/12 Writing Good Press Releases and Working with the Media Online/web-based
02/28/12 Lending eReaders: What Libraries Need to Know Online/web-based Online Blackboard Collaborative
02/28/12 Booklist Webinar—Fertile Ground: Growing a Great Gardening and Homesteading Collection Online/web-based
02/28/12 Strategic Downsizing Online/web-based
02/28/12 A Woman Alone: Mona Bell, Sam Hill, and the Mansion on Bonneville Rock Speaker/Lecture
02/28/12 “A Story of Three Bridges” Speaker/Lecture McMenamin's Old St. Francis School
02/29/12 Tech Talk with Michael Sauers Online/web-based
02/29/12 Creative Funding for Library Technology Online/web-based
02/29/12 Operation Smile Case Study: Fundraising on Facebook Using Facebook Advertising Online/web-based
03/01/12 Filters to meet CIPA Compliance Online/web-based
03/01/12 SLJ Nonfiction Spring Book Buzz II Online/web-based
03/01/12 Engaging Volunteers During Difficult Economic Times Online/web-based
03/01/12 The Techs Impacting Libraries & Publishing in 2012 Online/web-based
03/02/12 Google Docs - create and share documents on-line. Online/web-based
03/04/12 Geek Out @ your library : Teen Tech Week
03/06/12 Brain Health in Libraries and Education with Dr. Paul Nussbaum Workshop Gonzaga University Foley Center, Teleconference Center
03/06/12 It Takes a Community to Bridge the Digital Divide Online/web-based
03/06/12 Discover a 21st Century Roadmap for Community Outcomes Online/web-based
03/06/12 Brain Health in Libraries and Education with Dr. Paul Nussbaum Workshop Gonzaga University Foley Center, Teleconference Center
03/07/12 American FactFinder: the Census Bureau's online data retrieval tool Online/web-based
03/07/12 From Idea to Publication Part Two: Analysis and Writing Workshop
03/07/12 Using Interviews to Assess the Information Needs of Your Community Online/web-based
03/07/12 Defenders of Wildlife Case Study: Facebook Fundraising Using Holiday Gift Catalogs Online/web-based
03/08/12 Forging the Technology-Curriculum Link Online/web-based
03/08/12 SLJ Spring Picture Book Announcements Online/web-based
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